Enjoy the BurstCoin.RO Lotto

Play lotto game by sending minimum 1 Burst to BURST-U3LZ-T3GS-3TDG-BURST !

With every burst you spend you get more chances to win the jackpot.

1st place 80% of jackpot
2nd place 10% of jackpot
3rd place 5% of jackpot
Fees 5%

Math: player chances = ( player Burst per round * 100 )/ Jackpot

One winners round / 24 hours
Note: One player can make multiple deposits and increase winning chances but please let one deposit to be confirmed before you make the second one.


Round 1564

Time Left
Total Players: 2
FunkyBurst 75.00 % 3.00
Burst Forever 25.00 % 1.00
Last Round Winners